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Kale and potatoes: Baltimoreans embrace vegetarian cuisine

Baltimore has seen an uptick in the number of restaurants and events that cater to vegetarians. Some of the growth is coming from an unlikely source: meat eaters.

Step OUT to meet Bobby Flay at Wegmans

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay will be signing copies of his new book "Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction" at the Columbia Wegmans April 24.

Go behind the scenes of an underground house concert

Indie musicians are turning to concerts held in someone's home to promote their music and connect with fans. It's another manifestation of the DIY trend and a throwback to a time when people gathered around to tell stories and play music. 

Green office architect planning wind-generation deal

Architect and entrepreneur Stan Sersen has transformed a 1905 farmhouse on a former lumberyard into a modern office building called the Enviro Center. Now he is finalizing a wind-generation deal and an education initiative to teach environmental literacy to Maryland homeowners. 

Our dining blogger goes west in her quest for Asian cuisine

Our dining blogger takes us on a culinary journey through Asia. Get a taste of Korean BBQ, Vietnamese pho and Chinese dim sum on her dining route. 

From dim sum to dumplings, get the dish on Asian cuisine

Here's a rundown of all the places our dining blogger recommends for Asian cuisine along Route 40. The list includes 25 places, including food stalls, grocery stores and full-service restaurants.

Four growing companies to watch

They make games, sell "smart" gloves, provide weather information and supply green energy. Take a look at these four innovative companies to watch.

Baltimore chefs put bay's bounty on the menu

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources connects chefs from Ryleigh's Oyster, Woodberry Kitchen and other restaurants to the local crab houses and oyster companies that supply their seafood. The goal is to get more chefs to put Maryland seafood on the menu. 

Crowdfunding Jumpstarts New Ventures in Unlikely Places

As lending from banks and venture capitalists shrinks, many entrepreneurs have turned to crowdfunding to launch their startups. Using Kickstarter and other sites can also offer a valuable way to test new ideas and get exposure for a new company. But getting money from strangers requires a lot of planning. 

Don't Break the Bank: Nonprofit Teaches Kids to Manage Money

A new state mandate now requires Maryland schools to teach financial literacy. Junior Achievement of Central Maryland is leading the way with programs that teach students how to manage credit card debt and live within their means.

Acting Out: Four Local Thespians Share Their Love of the Stage

Not every budding actor heads to New York to perform on the stage. Many find their calling in Greater Baltimore, whether they're playing a classic Shakespeare role or a cutting-edge drama. Here's a look at four actors who count on Charm City to break a leg. 

Getting Crafty

A number of creative professionals are leaving the cubicle to pursue their passion for making things. From potters to purse makers, these individuals take DIY to a new level. 

Overlooked in the Outskirts

Suburban life isn't all parking spots and Target stores. Good sandwich shops, ice cream parlors and an, ahem, independent cafe are some of the things suburbanites seek.
19 Articles | Page: | Show All
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