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The Canton neighborhood in Baltimore City - Arianne Teeple
The Canton neighborhood in Baltimore City - Arianne Teeple

Historically home to many of the city's Polish, German and Greek residents, Canton, close to the Port of Baltimore, was an industrial wasteland. Warehouses, piers and other bits and pieces of a working port lined Canton's main drag, Boston Street. Tiny rowhouses, some wide enough for a man to touch the walls on either side, with even tinier backyards were the only accommodations.

But that was before the city and developers, recognizing the untapped potential of the neighborhoods waterfront property, revitalized the area. Now, there's a restaurant and a bar seemingly in every block. The locus of the neighborhood, O'Donnell Square, is ringed with restaurants, boutiques, coffeshops and clubs housed in converted rowhouses. Condos line the water's edge, but at Canton Waterfront Park you can still look across the water and see Fort McHenry.


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BmoreMedia is on break for Memorial Day

BmoreMedia is taking off for Memorial Day. We will publish our next issue June 4.
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