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About Bmore

Bmore is for doers. For makers. For up-and-comers and those who hold it down. For the creative, innovative, and thoughtful people in and around Baltimore who are doing their part to give birth to a new economy.

Every Tuesday we publish two original feature stories showcasing Baltimore's most interesting people, places, and things, along with original photography, independently reported news items, and handpicked links that provide a window into what's happening with development, innovation, and jobs.

In the coming months we'll also be posting more and more similarly themed content during the week via our Twitter account (@bmoremedia) and at our Facebook page (facebook.com/bmoremedia).

Our goal is to become a trusted, independent hub for Baltimore's best. If you have thoughts, suggestions, story ideas, or would like to help out, please email [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you.

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Managing Editor: 

Julekha Dash

Julekha Dash


Julekha Dash has lost track of all the places she has lived. There's Pittsburgh, whereshe grew up. There's Chicago,where she attended the University of Chicago andBahston, where she lived after college. Then there was that year of cultureshock in Birmingham, Ala.

Butafter nine years of living in Baltimore, she can proudly call Baltimore herhome. She lives in Ellicott City and enjoys the big trees in her backyard as much as the movie theaters, restaurants and festivals in the city. 

Julekha has written for Salon, Portfolio.com, Baltimore magazineand others. She has worked as a senior reporter for the Baltimore BusinessJournal, where she covered healthcare, biotech, and higher education. Prior tothat, she covered the dot-com boom and bust for Computerworld.

When she is not editing, reporting or writing, Julekha is watching movies in surround sound or traveling. She's been to Argentina, Peru, Portugal and Morocco in the last five years.



Managing Photographer


Steve Ruark 


Steve Ruark's love for photography was sparked in the mid-1990's in a small darkroom at Baltimore's Gilman School, where he began as a student yearbook photographer. In 2000, despite long hours as the photo editor at the independent student-run Daily Orange and as a paid photo intern at The Syracuse Newspapers, he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in photojournalism from Syracuse University's S.I. Newhouse School of Communications.

Steve interned at The Baltimore Sun the summer after graduation then moved to Jackson, Tenn., where he worked as staff photographer at The Jackson Sun. 

In 2002 Steve returned home to Baltimore to freelance. A decade later he still has a mean freelance game when not shooting photos for each issue of Bmore. Steve's byline can be spotted in numerous local and national publications and his work has earned awards from Associated Press and the Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association.

When not behind the lens Steve likes to invoke his younger days by blowing bubbles with his three-year-old daughter Stella and skateboarding. He's a nice guy but not too nice to take your money at the poker table.

Innovation and Jobs NewsEditor


Barbara Pash


Barbara Pash is a Jersey girl, and proud of it. After graduating from the University of Michigan, where she was an editor on the student-run Michigan Daily, she landed inBaltimore and has been here since. 

She has been a reporter and editor for a variety of media, from the Baltimore Jewish Times to Maryland Life Magazine. For MarylandReporter.com, she wrote about state politics and covered the always-fascinating General Assembly sessions. She likes to write about politics, business and the environment. In her spare time, she gardens -- haunting nurseries, planting and weeding (in the warm weather) and reading gardening books (in the winter).


Bmore Intern and Development News Writer 


Jolene Carr


Syracuse, N.Y., native Jolene Carr took time off after completing her undergrad at Elmira College in 2009 to work as a restaurant reviewer and club scene columnist for Table Hopping and in retail so she could save for her move to Charm City. 

Since 2010, she has been working toward completing her graduate degree in Professional Writing at Towson University while working as an Associate Editor at Words & Numbers and occasionally freelancing. Her writing has appeared in the Urbanite and North Baltimore Patch along with business profiles for Bmore Media. When she's not writing or editing, you can find her biking around Fort McHenry or scouring shops in Ellicott City and Hampden for books and scarves. Although she can't decide whether she likes Syracuse or Baltimore foods better, summer cookouts can bring the best of both worlds: salt potatoes, crabs, and Natty Boh.










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