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Energy efficient light bulb
Energy efficient light bulb
Green is the word on everyone's lips. Alternative heating oil, green spaces, hybrid buses and green buildings have already come to Baltimore and advocates of sustainability are working hard to make Baltimore an example other metropolitan areas in the country can follow. TerraLogos is helping to lead the way to a more environmentally-friendly city with its Sustainable Design Consulting, Green Architecture and Planning, Home Energy Inspections and Green Home Improvement.

Sustainability Features

It's not just nice to share. It's changing how we do business.

The rise of the sharing economy has created a new class of entrepreneur whose startups are monetizing everything from power tools to parking spots. And who knows, one of them could be the next Airbnb. 

From trash to treasure: Artists turn discarded items into sought-after art

The creative reuse economy has exploded in recent years, with more artists turning discarded items into fashionable new products. We take a look at how upcycling is taking shape in a number of cities, including Baltimore.

Step OUT to shop at your neighborhood farmers' market

Developers find new uses for sacred spaces

Baltimore is dotted with beautiful, old churches. But not all are used to hold Sunday service. Many have been renovated on behalf of nonprofits and businesses that now use them to hold meetings and events.

Step OUT for a dinner and cruise in Fells Point

Waterfront Kitchen's dinner-and-cruise series returns this summer. The evening begins on a boat, with a tour along the Patapsco, followed by a four-course wine dinner.  
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