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A mural in Lauraville - Arianne Teeple
A mural in Lauraville - Arianne Teeple

Recently selected as "The Best Place in Maryland to Buy an Old House" by This Old House magazine, Lauraville is one of the city's hottest developing neighborhoods. The community dates back to the 18th century, however, most homes in the area were built between 1910 and 1930. Located in the northeast corner of Baltimore, the neighborhood offers the feel of the 'burbs with the amenities of city living.

Harford Road, the main drag, is the site of much of the area's development. Old run-down storefronts are being replaced by eateries and shops that cater to the community. The neighborhood is also where you'll find four of Baltimore's most innovative young chefs. Clementine's, Chameleon Caf´┐Ż, the Parkside and Hamilton Tavern are all favorites for locals and draw in visitors from around in the city.


Lauraville Features

Public art transforms the urban canvas

Morgan State University unveils plan to boost neighborhood

Morgan State University has embarked on a new initiative aimed at improving the surrounding community and quality of life for students and staff. It has teamed up with Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street, MedStar Samaritan Hospital and others on the Morgan Community Mile.

Main Street Group Hopes to Jumpstart Retail in Northeast Baltimore

The Hamilton-Lauraville neighborhood has become a dining destination with restaurants like Clementine. But the local Main Street group wants the area to be known for its shopping as well. So it's renovating an old fire station that it will use as an incubator to support budding shop owners.

What's the Buzz? Beehives Burgeon in Baltimore Backyards

Some Charm City residents are giving new meaning to the words Baltimore beehive. They are keeping bees in their backyard so their garden bears more fruit and they get to tap into their inner bad-boy. And no, they don't seem too worried about getting stung. 

Getting Crafty

A number of creative professionals are leaving the cubicle to pursue their passion for making things. From potters to purse makers, these individuals take DIY to a new level. 
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