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It's not just nice to share. It's changing how we do business.

The rise of the sharing economy has created a new class of entrepreneur whose startups are monetizing everything from power tools to parking spots. And who knows, one of them could be the next Airbnb. 

Step OUT for an interactive fashion show at the Tremont Grand

Check out the designers, stylists and artists nominated for this year's Fashion Awards MD at May Day 2013 at the Tremont Grand. The May 8 event benefits a program for men re-entering the workforce. 

The cat's out of the bag: Maryland-raised purse designer is a rising fashion star

Danielle DiFerdinando's purses are sold at top department stores and have received Oprah Winfrey's endorsement. The Maryland native talks about her rise in the fashion industry and her new purse line.

Video shines the spotlight on Hampden store Sixteen Tons

Daniel Wylie, owner of men's clothier Sixteen Tons, talks about the challenges of running a small business in this video by Shine Creative.  

Break a leg: Baltimore actress Liz Chuday talks 'VEEP'

The HBO comedy "VEEP" has employed nearly 1,000 extras, cast and crew during its first season of filming in Maryland. We talk to one extra, Liz Chuday, about what it's like working with Julia Louis-Dreyfus and how she got signed up by one of the world's biggest talent agencies. 

Step OUT: To Get a Sneak Peek of the BMA's New Contemporary Wing

Check out the Baltimore Museum of Art's expanded contemporary wing when the museum hosts an after-hours event Nov. 17, the night before the wing officially opens. The evening will feature live music, a cash bar and conversations with artists.

Step OUT: For a Fashion Benefit at the Center Club

The Center Club is hosting a fashion show Nov. 16 to assist needy men and women who require business attire for the workplace. 

Q&A: Hilary Phelps Shares Her Pride in Genuine Joy

You might know Hilary Phelps as the sister who cheered on her decorated brother at the London Olympics. But she is also the creator of an interactive website, Genuine Joy, which explores food, fashion, fitness and culture. Phelps talks about the inspiration for the site and her plans to expand it. 

Getting Crafty

A number of creative professionals are leaving the cubicle to pursue their passion for making things. From potters to purse makers, these individuals take DIY to a new level. 

Step OUT: For the Junior League of Baltimore's Warehouse Sale

The Junior League of Baltimore is holding its annual Boutique Warehouse Sale, this time in Harbor East. 

Step OUT: For the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore

Step out to see see the 36th annual American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. Billing itself as the largest juried craft show, the convention showcases jewelry, ceramics, furniture and home decor. 

New Boutique Owners Design Their Future in Retail

A handful of women entrepreneurs have opened trendy fashion boutiques in Baltimore within the past year. By keeping prices and expenses low, using social media to promote the stores and staying ahead of the fashion curve, they hope to hang on by more than a thread as they ride out the bumpy economy.

Photo Essay: Behind the Scenes at Hippodrome Hatters

To speak of a neighborhood's "growth" or "renaissance" is usually to speak of that which is new, that which is emerging and upcoming. It's just as important, however, to remember the stalwarts. Those who kept their heads down through the madness, through good times and bad. Like, for example, Hippodrome Hatters.

Men's Style Gets an Upgrade With the Arrival of Sixteen Tons

Entrepreneur and shopkeeper Daniel Wylie looks to plug a hole in Baltimore's menswear market with Sixteen Tons, a new Hampden venture steeped in classic American style.

"Form" Takes Shape in Baltimore

The agony. The ecstasy. The sewing. September heralds fall fashion everywhere, and in Baltimore this month, a boutique owner and a designer aim to give local women some Baltimore couture of their very own.
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