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Neighborhood Life: The Ups, Downs, and Day-to-Days on East Monument Street

"Main Street." What does that mean, really? It's as much an idea as a place, as much a goal for which to strive as a set of storefronts. Baltimore has a dozen or more Main Streets, each with its own unique character and its own set of challenges. We visited one of the lesser-known examples -- East Monument Street -- to learn more about its history and what's happening there today.

Marketing Charm City's Neighborhoods

As a city of neighborhoods, Baltimore's independent food markets add an atmosphere and appeal that trumps standard, big-name grocery stores. Baltimore's small grocers abide by the philosophy that quality products and the highest level of customer service will make and keep them neighborhood mainstays.

Audio: Sustainable Agriculture at Kayam Farm

Bmore's Sam Hopkins teamed up with WYPR's The Signal to produce an audio piece to accompany our recent article on Kayam Farm. Click through to give it a listen.

Developing a Different Kind of Renaissance in Park Heights

When discussion turns to neighborhood success stories in Baltimore the usual suspects tend to get most of the glory. We hear quite a bit about Canton, Federal Hill, and, more recently, Harbor East. Which is fair enough -- those are indeed successes. But they're not the only ones. A less heralded but no less significant story is playing out as we speak in Park Heights, a neighborhood that has seen its share of struggle but which appears poised to finally emerge from the shadows.

Ancient Lessons: Sustainable Agriculture Takes Root at Kayam Farm

"What is this earth I live on -- within half an hour of my house -- capable of producing right now?" It's a question both asked and answered at Kayam Farm, where Jewish agricultural traditions point the way to a better, more meaningful relationship with food. Bmore's Sam Hopkins went behind the scenes to learn more.
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