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Buildings In Downtown Baltimore
Buildings In Downtown Baltimore
Nearly every large company has one thing in common at one time it was no more than an idea in one person's head. Cities and nations are built on the backs of enterprising souls eager to own a business of their own. Baltimore has its fair share of big name entrepreneurs such as the late Reginald F. Lewis and Under Armour's Kevin Plank, but the city also has a wealth of small business owners living their dream as bakers, biotech developers, booksellers, filmmakers, real estate developers, restaurateurs, and more.

Entrepreneurship Features

Three growing companies to watch

BmoreMedia takes a look at three Baltimore area startups that promise to revolutionize how we plan meals, meet people who share common interests and present academic information. 

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Ethiopian-owned businesses enliven Baltimore neighborhoods

It's not just nice to share. It's changing how we do business.

The rise of the sharing economy has created a new class of entrepreneur whose startups are monetizing everything from power tools to parking spots. And who knows, one of them could be the next Airbnb. 

From trash to treasure: Artists turn discarded items into sought-after art

The creative reuse economy has exploded in recent years, with more artists turning discarded items into fashionable new products. We take a look at how upcycling is taking shape in a number of cities, including Baltimore.
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