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It's happening in Bmore! July 13-19

What do you get when you take a little philanthropy, some Shakespeare and Artscape, of course! Why, our picks of the week, of course!

It's happening in Bmore! June 29-July 5

This weekend may be summer's biggest holiday with 4th of July celebrations happening all over town, but tomorrow's the big day for Bmore Media! We're hosting our second Happy Hour at Nick's Fish House! Come down to South Baltimore meet the Bmore staff and pitch us your best story ideas!

Great cities have great art and Buck Jabaily wants to share Baltimore's greatness with the world

We know Charm City has art. You know this is a city full of creative types, too. Buck Jabaily knows it as well. And, if he has his way, the world will soon know it, too, as Baltimore takes its  rightful place as one of the premier arts cities on the East Coast.

Moving Pictures -- Bmore: City for the Arts

Baltimore will take center stage this week, becoming the locus of the nation's arts communities as it hosts the Americans for the Arts Half-Century Summit. With the spotlight trained on the arts, we got our camera to discover what makes Bmore such a great place for every artists.

Before home theaters became de rigueur, the Baskt Theater paved the way for artists in Baltimore

Take a walk through Station North, Fells Point or Highlandtown and you'll understand why Baltimore with its thriving independent theater community has started to gain a reputation as a top spot for artists and experimental theater. It may surprise you, however, to know that it was one resident that got the ball rolling in a home theater nearly 100 years ago.

Say Goodbye to the Fat Lady

And while you're at it bid a fond farewell to the expensive sets, the concert halls, the tuxedoed gents, the bejeweled, perfectly coiffed, mink-wearing ladies and every other opera stereotype. Rhymes with Opera, a young company launching a three city tour in Baltimore, wants to bring opera to streets, the warehouses, and any other place you wouldn't expect it.

It's Child's Play

From Shakespeare to Cinderella, Jimi Kinstle has trod the boards in Baltimore for 20 years. As the artistic director of Pumpkin Theater, Kinstle hopes his passion for Baltimore's theater scene will create a new generation of theater lovers to carry on.

Do You Know Alex Hewett?

If you don't -- or even if you do -- you'll enjoy our Q&A with this Baltimore-based actress and playwright. She may have the mien of a pixie but she's dead serious when it comes to her craft.

Singing Loud and Proud About Baltimore

A song can make you tap your toes and clap your hands. A good song can take you back to the first time you heard it. A fantastic song can take on a life of its own, inspiring others to great works. Would it surprise you to know that Baltimore has just such a song?

Acts of Kindness

What do you get when you combine a natural disaster of historic proportions with a community of people anxious to help the best way they can? A new Baltimore-based organization with philanthropic plans for Haiti and Baltimore.

Everyman Theater

The Everyman Theater is a Baltimore institution for many local theater goers. But, the indepdent theater has big plans and changes underway. Vincent Lancisi chats with Bmore about the future of the theater company and why independent theater thrives in Baltimore.

A Story of Hope and Lessons Learned - John Forte

John Forte has lived the American Dream rising to fame as a member of Hip-Hop's groundbreaking group The Fugees. But in his pursuit of fame Forte admits he lost his way. At TEDx Mid-Atlantic, Forte told his story and then stopped to share it with Bmore.

Spectacle: A Monumental Holiday Display

Baltimoreans gathered last Thursday to take part in the annual light of the Washington Monument. The uniquely Baltimore event kicks-off the city's holiday season. If you couldn't make it, check out what you missed.

Mara Neimanis -- Flying High Over Baltimore

Storytellers come in all shapes and sizes. They tell stories of love and loss, despair and triumph. Seldom, however do they tell their tales while soaring through the air.

Spectacle: 160 Years Later Poe Laid to Rest

Baltimore continued its Nevermore 2009 celebration, a yearlong observance of Edgar Allan Poe's 200th birthday, finally laying the Master of the Macabre to rest with funeral services 160 years in the making at Westminster Hall on Sunday. If you couldn't make it, we've got the pics.
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