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Severstal to Build Renewable Energy Plant at Sparrows Point

Severstal North America, the fourth largest steelmaker in the U.S., has announced plans to launch a renewable energy program at its Sparrows Point location. Severstal Sparrows Point has partnered with Renewable Energy Management of Baltimore (REM), to construct and operate a renewable energy facility that the company says will provide benefits for the environment, local economy, and sustainability of the steelmaking operations. Construction of the facility is scheduled to begin this month.

The facility will bring new jobs to the Sparrows Point area and support the advancement of the renewable energy industry in Maryland, while recycling natural fuels that reduce environmental impacts for the new generation of clean energy.

The plant will produce renewable liquid fuel (RLF), a biodegradable, naturally derived oil-based fuel generated through an environmentally beneficial recycling process. For example, oil and grease by-products from food manufacturers will be used as a natural, renewable raw material feedstock rather than petroleum-based fuels that require extensive drilling and overseas transportation. RLFs are abundant and cleaner to produce and also provide measurable reductions in emissions while being consumed for energy or transportation operations as compared to fossil fuels. 

"Sparrows Point is proud to partner with REM, especially to promote environmentally sensitive energy sources in the region. This partnership is an example of our commitment to support the growth of sustainable manufacturing and is consistent with our goal to continuously improve the environmental stewardship of our facilities," says Dave Howard, Vice President and General Manager at Severstal Sparrows Point.

According to Severstal, the use of RLF versus petroleum fuel cuts smog-producing particulate matter almost in half. When compared to ethanol, RLF requires less energy during production, provides greater energy output, and lowers carbon dioxide emissions an additional 25 percent. It can also be produced efficiently without sacrificing the United States' crop supply. It's a fuel that will support environmentally sustainable operations at Sparrows Point.

"Maryland is a national leader in our ability to harness renewable energy, and our ambition moving forward to expand those abilities," says Governor O'Malley. "This initiative will put more clean energy on the grid as private companies like Severstal recognize not only the environmental benefits of these initiatives but also that sustainable practices make good business sense. Our goal to create thousands of 'green jobs' in the coming years for Marylanders is strengthened by initiatives like this."

Source: Serverstal Sparrows Point
Writer: Walaika Haskins
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