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Operatic Entrepreneurship Rises From the Ashes in Baltimore

"We're not your grandmother's opera company, but we sure sound like it." So declare the folks behind Baltimore Concert Opera -- a grassroots, entrepreneurial, modern attempt at making opera relevant in today's crowded entertainment landscape. Is it working? We tracked down founder Brendan Cooke to find out.

Embracing the "F" Word at Failure Support Group

Failure is a part of life. It's unavoidable, and -- when it comes to our creative endeavors -- it's often even necessary. Yet the word itself is a taboo. People are afraid to share their failures with the world. But not the Failure Support Group. They'll be at Baltimore's 8th Annual Transmodern Festival this month, and they want to expose failure. The more gruesome, the better. Because only once we talk about our failures can we learn from them and help others learn from them, too.

Mobtown Modern Makes a Name For Baltimore's Contemporary Music Scene

What do you do when the kind of music you enjoy and would like to hear simply isn't being staged in your area? For Brian Sacawa the answer was simple: make it happen. Today he's the curator of the Contemporary Museum's Mobtown Modern Music Series, through which he's rapidly turning Baltimore into a contemporary music hub. Read on to find out how.

Laugh it Up, Baltimore

It's one of the east coast's largest comedy venues and it's growing fast -- right here in Maryland. Owner Andrew Unger has positioned Magooby's Joke House for an impressive run.

Eat and be merry on the cheap in Bmore

Our mission? To discover the inexpensive pleasures Charm City residents enjoy. What we found? We're a city that loves to eat. Whether it's a visit to a locally-owned restaurant or a trip to one of the area farmer's markets, what brings a smile to the faces of many in Baltimore is, quite simply, a good meal and a sense of community.
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