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What's up with Wye Oak?

Wonder what's going on with Baltimore's popular country band Wye Oak? The duo sits down for a Q&A with the DCist.

Here's an excerpt:

"The best thing about the explosion of Baltimore music on a national level is that it's really easy to catch very good bands and catch them regularly since the trip isn't hard for fans or band. Although it's really easy to point to neon green skulls or noisy art-rock when looking at Baltimore bands, one of the Charm City's best acts plays more straightforward yet more nuanced rock-and-roll.

Wye Oak's onstage energy is undeniable. Even when they've slowed from intense shredding to a downtempo with a dash of swirling ambience, they're never boring. Jenn Wasner's voice is as expressive as her lyrics, which is saying something if you've ever read Wye Oak liner notes. Plus, we will never lose our amazement with the fact that Andy Stack is playing drums with three limbs (two legs and an arm) but still playing another instrument (usually the keyboard) with hand number two. That impresses us every single time. Oh, and he sings some of the harmonies, too. We talked to Jenn Wasner about the best parts of the Baltimore music scene, touring with a living legend and playing on the new Titus Andronicus record."

Read the entire article here.

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