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It's Fashion Week, dahling! Here're a few designers to watch

While Christian Siriano's rise to the heights of the U.S. fashion scene via the Project Runway fasttrack was an anomaly, his talent wasn't. The Baltimore area is replete with young designers toiling over muslin, pressing the sewing machine peddle  to the metal to bring their designer visions to life. As Baltimore's Fashion Week looms on the horizon, here's a peek at a few style makers we think have the goods.

A solution to a common problem turns covering up into big biz for M-Edge Accessories

How many of us have thought of a way to improve a device or tool we use? Problem is most of us let the idea slip away and then kick ourselves when we see a finished product that's eerily similar to our idea on store shelves. Patrick Mish of M-Edge Accessories took the road less traveled. And now he, his wife, and a small group of their friends are covering iPads, Nooks, and Kindles.

What cyber means in Baltimore

Over the past decade, "cyber" has become a catch-all term stuck in front of anything remotely related to IT or Internet technologies. It's come to mean everything but define nothing. That got us wondering what "cyber" really means in the Greater Baltimore Area. Here's what we found out.

Baltimore is a city that gives and gives and gives

Baltimore is known for many things, but the charitable spirit of its organizations and residents is one of the city's best kept secrets. Thousands of nonprofits with tens of thousands of employees offer a multitude of services that help improve the lives of Baltimore's citizens, its neigborhoods and the entire city.

Cooking it up with Kali Group's Chef Rashad

It may be cliché to say a chef has passion for his craft, but diners can taste the love in Chef Rashad Edwards' meals every time they have lunch or dinner at one of the Kali Group's restaurants. Bmore caught up with this homegrown culinary master for a taste of what keeps this top chef's creative juices flowing.

Betascape highlights vibrancy, creativity of Baltimore's tech community

Including a technology showcase in the nation's largest free arts festival may leave many arts lovers scratching their heads. Baltimore's tech community doesn't think combining the two is strange at all. In fact they see Betascape, the latest addition to Artscape, as their coming out party, demonstrating to area residents and the rest of the country that Bmore's tech scene is badass.

Zoptopz -- Building a better baseball cap

If you saw Ron Schmelzer walking down the street, you'd never know that he's a radical. His background in IT wouldn't give you a clue either. Take a closer look though at the hat he's sporting and you might guess that this Baltimore-based techie has started a fashion revolution!

Baltimore's Green Masterminds

Green. It's about more than recycling or shopping at one of the area's farmers markets. For some it's not only a way of life, it's their full-time passion and they're working hard to help make Baltimore one of the greenest cities in the U.S. You might not know their names, but they're Baltimore's Green Masterminds!

Fastspot weaves a new design onto the Web

How do you take the cliche out of "thinking outside the box?" By actually doing that. At a time when it seems like there's a Web design and marketing firm on nearly every street corner, Fastspot, guided by Tracy Halvorsen,  has left a trail of innovation and happy clients in its wake. We wondered how the company has managed to forge its distinctly unique identity. Here's what we found out... 

It's happening in Bmore!

It's summertime in the city and it's hard to keep up with everything that's on tap in Baltimore. In this new regular feature, we'll fill you in on what we think the top pick is for the week.

Structurally sound -- Bmore area sculptor melds architecture and art

By day Adam Scott Cook lives inside the button-downed, carefully thought out and illustrated lines of an architecture firm. After 5 p.m. a welder's mask replaces the tie freeing Cook to let his creativity run amok, piecing together sculptures replete with Baltimore's history.

Say Goodbye to the Fat Lady

And while you're at it bid a fond farewell to the expensive sets, the concert halls, the tuxedoed gents, the bejeweled, perfectly coiffed, mink-wearing ladies and every other opera stereotype. Rhymes with Opera, a young company launching a three city tour in Baltimore, wants to bring opera to streets, the warehouses, and any other place you wouldn't expect it.

The Land of Biotech Opportunity

Twenty years ago it was possible to travel the length and breadth of Maryland and miss the few biotechnology firms in the state. Fast forward to 2010 and in key regions of Maryland its hard to go down the street without tripping over one biotech company after another. We wondered what it is that's attracting researchers, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies to Maryland. So we sent a video crew out to find out.

Designing in every dimension

Have you heard the one about the architecture firm that spun-off a tech company? That's because ASGVIS is no joke, but a growing global 3-D software and imaging business. Bmore's Nicole Jovel went a-visiting to get the full picture.

Baltimore's Lady Birds Hit the Gridiron

They run the ball. They score touchdowns. They tackle opponents. They sack quarterbacks. But Bmore Media's Kim Polyniak found out the Baltimore Nighthawks are also daughters, mothers, sisters and wives.
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