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Wellness 2.0: Online Communities In the Face of Chronic Illness

New Media has always been only as important as its users make it. Certainly there's marginal value in a Twitter post about a great new restaurant or a Facebook pic of a birthday party. Such things, however, do little to add lasting value. In Baltimore and elsewhere there are people facing serious health troubles and finding in blogs, Facebook, and other online outlets a chance to build communities that wouldn't have been possible a decade ago. Here, Bmore Media's Katharine Schildt tracks down some of their stories.

The Benefits of Bootstrapping: Kwame Kuadey Talks GiftCardRescue

Even when he was still in business school, Kwame Kuadey knew that a slow climb up the corporate ladder wasn't for him. He knew that some day, when the right opportunity presented itself, he'd go off on his own. Today his startup, GiftCardRescue, has seven employees in Ellicott City and is poised to continue growing. And Kuadey did it all without a dollar of venture capital.

Startup Scene: Meet Mike Brenner, Baltimore Entrepreneur

The tech scene in Baltimore has been on quite a run over the past few years (in case you missed it). One of many reasons why is the emergence of a highly motivated crop of young entrepreneurs. Meet Mike Brenner, one such Baltimorean. While you may not know his name, chances are you know at least one of his many projects. Bmore Media sat down with him to learn more.

Startup Weekend Leaves Wake of Entrepreneurship in Baltimore

What does it take to start a company? Years of long days and late nights filled with fits and starts? Sometimes, sure. But maybe all one really needs is to get in a room for three days of intense collaborative effort with a strong group of like-minded individuals. Such was the scene at Startup Weekend, the latest example of Baltimore's strong (and growing) entrepreneurial spirit.

MICA Students and Faculty Team Up to Explore Baltimore: Open City

"Open" is one of those intriguing little words whose meaning is highly dependent on where it's being used, and why. What, for example, would it mean to talk about an "open city"? A new project beginning in April at MICA aims to explore, understand, and maybe even answer that very question.

Drafting the Future of Education at Baltimore Design School

Like many cities, Baltimore is in the midst of trying to reconfigure last century's educational system so that it may better meet the coming century's needs. Progress, in all likelihood, will arrive not in a single moment where we declare the problems "fixed," but rather in increments. Take for example the Baltimore Design School, a new effort to provide design-focused education within the broader context of Baltimore City schools. Follow us behind the scenes to learn more.

Startup City Poised to Turn Baltimore Into an Entrepreneurial Hub

The Silicon Valley of the East? Well, it's no secret that Baltimore has a wealth of talent, energy, and ideas -- the building blocks of emerging business and culture. Perhaps all we need to take the next step is a little bit of organization. Enter Startup City, which aims to provide just that.

Closing East Baltimore's Health Care Gap at Charm City Clinic

Affordable health care is as hot-button a topic as you'll find in America today. Yet while bureaucrats, politicians, and pundits wrangle over policy proposals in far-flung centers of power, the human truth of the issue can be all too easily lost. Not so at East Baltimore's Charm City Clinic, a grassroots effort to provide sustainable, neighborhood-based care to those who need it most.

Turk of Tech: 24 Hours With Dave Troy

Spend even a little bit of time in or around Baltimore's technology and entrepreneurial communities and it won't be long before you hear the name Dave Troy. From his work with startups to efforts like Bmore Fiber and TEDx MidAtlantic, he's a driving force behind Baltimore's emerging economy. Last year, in partnership with Next American City, we set out to discover what it's like to walk a day in his shoes.

The City That Codes, Wires, Geeks-out: Welcome to the Hackathon, Hon.

Tools scattered on workbenches. Solder dripping into pizza boxes. Ideas and innovation in abundance at every turn. And, oh yeah: cash prizes. It was all part of the scene at Baltimore's first Hackathon, held November 19-21 at the Emerging Technology Center in Canton. Bmore was there, and we've got the full story.

Asking and Answering "What If?" at TEDx MidAtlantic

For 2010, the organizers of TEDx MidAtlantic chose a theme as vast as it is simple: what if? Bmore Media's Sam Hopkins reports on the event, the ideas, and the many connections he found there to Baltimore and its future.

Global Leadership Blossoms in Harbor East at Hopkins' Carey Business School

Traditionally, Johns Hopkins has been known more for research and science than business. The new Global MBA program at the Carey Business School aims to change that (and fast).

Puree By the Pedal

What's the human equivalent of the energy it takes to power a blender? Entrepreneur Natan Lawson helps us find out by bringing bike-powered smoothies to Baltimore.

A great meal + community + a great idea = STEW

How does a community better itself? By encouraging residents to get involved. What's the best way to encourage involvement? A good meal, of course. That's just one of the secret ingredients behind the success of Baltimore's STEW dinners -- good food, transparency and choice.

Playing their part -- Baltimore's Theater Masterminds

Whether they're cutting-edge plays from local playwrights or modern updates of tried and true classics, Baltimore's independent theater community is home to serious artists who've turned the term "community theater" upside down. With the 2010-11 theater season just around the corner, we're shining a spotlight on a few of community's innovators.
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