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Where Longitude and Latitude Mark the Spot

Back in the day, all you needed for a scavenger hunt was a sense of adventure, the ability to unravel the clues and a sharp eye. But that's so 20th century. Now, you also need GPS. The techier 21st century version is a trend that has been sweeping the nation and is now spotlighted in an exhibit at the Maryland Science Center.

Igniting the Spirit for Change

It doesn't take much to ignite a fire that can help change a city. That's the philosophy behind Ignite Baltimore's Ignition Grant program. While Ignite is all about starting conversations, the Ignition Grant winners want to get us thinking and out on the trail.

Changing Lives One Episode at a Time

Few TV series have helped to elucidate the plight of a city's underserved citizens the way HBO's The Wire has done for Baltimore. Now the show's cast, led by Sonja Sohn, have a new production that flips the script and gives new meaning to the term "Reality TV"

Why We Love This Charmed City -- Daytripping

Looking at our city from afar might leave outsiders wondering what's so great about Baltimore. Well, here's a clue - location, location, location.

Chartering A New Course to Education

It's no secret that Baltimore's public school system has struggled to adequately educate the city's children. In a time when private education tuitions too closely resembe college tuition fees, parents across the city are turning to new charter schools. So we wondered what's in a charter school?

Mara Neimanis -- Flying High Over Baltimore

Storytellers come in all shapes and sizes. They tell stories of love and loss, despair and triumph. Seldom, however do they tell their tales while soaring through the air.

Spectacle: Lighting Up the Night

Just days before the ghastliest day of the year, Baltimore's pint-sized witches, ghosts and a host of other characters go on parade thanks to the Creative Alliance's annual event.

Video: Building Upon Da Vinci's Genius

Da Vinci was undoubtedly a genius whose imagination and foresight put him hundreds of years ahead of his contemporaries. A new exhibit at Maryland Science Center poses the question, "What if he had built the machines so carefully rendered in his notebooks?" We offer you a sneak peek.

Bringing Math and Science Back

Technology. Companies around the world in every industry announce new innovations every day. But, unless we act now, students in the U.S. will be woefully unprepared for this technologically advanced workforce. Fortunately, several organizations in Baltimore have a plan to make math and science sexy again.

Rolling Along With Baltimore's Derby Girls

The wind blowing through their hair. The wheels whooshing around the rink. The Charm City Roller Girls live for creating a commotion in the world of roller derby. And these skating femme fatales love bringing their spirit for the sport to Baltimore.

Video: Baltimore Mashup

Fresh from YouTube: What does your Baltimore look like? Visit My Baltimore asks that question of notable and noteworthy Baltimoreans and delivers the answer in this video mashup that we rather like.
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