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Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore Unveils Citizens it Ranks as the "Pride of Baltimore"

It's time we started giving credit where its due in the Baltimore area.

That's the thought behind the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore's (EAGB) new "Pride of Baltimore" campaign that will honor five area leaders as "rock stars who make things happen in Greater Baltimore."

The campaign, announced at the organization's 2011 Annual Meeting, will highlight people from industry, education, community leaders, government, and other sectors who help make Baltimore City great and an area that can outperform competing markets economically. It will include profiles of area leaders in ads, marketing materials, and web content.

"Our role is to promote this region as a place in which to grow a business, invest, and bring jobs. We found the best way to do that is to get the people behind our positive testimonials to tell their stories and give it more of a community feel. If we can connect those leaders, together we can better address opportunities that come along," says Thomas Sadowski, EAGB president and CEO.

The initial five "rock stars" recognized by the EAGB are: Maryland State School Superintendent Dr. Nancy S. Grasmick; former Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith; Thomas Wilcox, President and CEO of the Baltimore Community Foundation; Brian Rogers and the T. Rowe Price Leadership Team; and Juxtopia Founder Jayfus Doswell. According to Sadowski, featured leaders are either nominated or are people the organization considers standouts.

"We're working on a new list of honorees that will come out in the next week or so. Obviously they're certain people who stand out, and we began with the list that we did because they're obvious or should be obvious to most. T. Rowe Price and their contribution to the business community. Nancy Grasmick and everything she's done for education with us being No. 1 in public education, that's significant. BCF is doing great things in the community not just from a social perspective, but what they're doing in the tech community to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. We'd heard Jayfus Doswell's story a couple of times now and felt like it was a good one. Here's a guy who's doing great things in business and to give back to the community. They're a lot of people like Jayfus who're doing great things for our community and we want to tell their story," Sadowski says.

The idea to celebrate the region's heroes came from a trip to Austin, Texas where Sadowski says they've invested a lot in highlighting these members of their community. "A lot of them were grown out of Dell and some of the other companies that have launched there. These firms have made great strides and are now giving back to the community. They're readily known in the business community and are serving as mentors. We have a lot of that going on in Baltimore, but we're a bigger market and a little bit more diverse given the federal government agencies in the area. We thought it was a great idea and figured let's do what we can to start introducing these champion leaders to one another," Sadowski says.

Source: Thomas Sadowski, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore
Writer: Walaika Haskins

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