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Transition Time at Bmore Media

It's been thirteen months -- nearly to the day -- since I agreed to partner up with Issue Media Group (this publication's parent) and serve as the Managing Editor of Bmore Media. In some ways it feels like it's been twice that long. In other ways, it feels like no more than a month. Time's funny that way.

When I first took over I did so with a goal of making sure this publication served as an outlet for the best that Baltimore has to offer. To seek out entrepreneurs, artists, stalwarts, and doers of every stripe in order to shine a light on their stories. To help establish and maintain a credible information source with a specific beat covering innovation and ideas.

It's an amazing time for this city and this area. Entrepreneurship is everywhere and more and more people are seizing the future and making things happen. There's new innovation -- and, as importantly, new innovators -- seemingly around every corner. I feel privileged to have helped lead a publication devoted to covering them.

I'll leave it to the court of public opinion to decide whether or not the job I've done here has been a good one. For my part, I think it went pretty well.

And with that -- change being the natural order of things, after all -- it's time to say goodbye.

This issue will be my last as Managing Editor of Bmore. I'm leaving to take a new opportunity which will enable me to continue contributing to Baltimore's creative community. I'm going to work with a great group of people and I couldn't be more thrilled at the opportunity, even as I'll miss the weekly chance to help bring Bmore Media to life.

I want to express my deep thanks first and foremost to you, the readers, without whom Bmore wouldn't exist. Thanks as well to everyone on the Bmore team -- Publisher Sam Hopkins, Development News Editor Julekha Dash, Managing Photographer Arianne Teeple, Innovation and Jobs Editor Amy McNeal, and all of the feature writers. They are without a doubt the talent behind this operation. Nothing I ever did would have amounted to much without their work.

Deep thanks, as well, to the folks at IMG for creating this thing and being crazy enough to loan me the keys.

An announcement will come next week regarding who takes over my chair. Suffice to say you'll be in great hands.

For anyone interested in finding me post-Bmore, you can do so here.

Here's to bigger and better days ahead for both Bmore Media and for Baltimore's innovation community as a whole. See you soon.

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