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Ayers Saint Gross

1040 Hull Street, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21230
At Ayers/Saint/Gross, their design philosophy begins with a question: "For whom do we design?"

The firm builds for the broader community of our society, which ranges from rich to poor, young to old. In acknowledging this, Ayers/Saint/Gross' fundamental goal is to make meaningful places for human habitation that are inspirational, understandable, and meaningful, for unlike painting and sculpture, which one looks at and walks around, architecture and landscapes must be inhabited.

In making places, whether they are buildings, rooms, corridors, courtyards, or streets, the firm strives to do so in a way that builds on recollection and invention. That is, designing places that grow from the roots of their context while re-inventing the forms that might reflect that context.

Making places that give joy is, then, their fundamental philosophy, and they greatly appreciate the varied settings in which they work to achieve this goal.

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