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Lithuanians say it's in the mail as Frank Zappa busts begins long journey to Bmore

It's taken two years, but the bust of Frank Zappa is finally on its way to the city of the quirky rock icon's birth. The statue, a replica of a bust located in Lithuania, was gifted to the city by fans in that country in May 2008.

Here's an excerpt:

"The copy of the original bust, which is standing in central Vilnius, was made two years ago with the thought of bringing it to Baltimore. Zappa, weighing more than a tone, will be taken to US by a sea transport by UPS company. "Our mission is simple � this is not even close to the risks that were taken by French, when they presented the Liberty sculpture to US," said UPS representative to Lithuania Vladas Lasas.

It is planned that Zappa will reach its hometown within a month. The opening of the bust will take place in Baltimore on 18 of September..."

Read the entire article here.

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