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Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman Named a U.S. Culinary Ambassador

Reality TV star and baker Duff Goldman ecently became a gastronomic diplomat, according to a CNN post

The U.S. State Department and James Beard Foundation teamed up to establish the Diplomatic Culinary Program which debuted last week. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asks chefs to create American dishes fused with the cuisines of other nations to be served for foreign dignitaries and serve as a culinary ambassador at kitchens around the world.

Goldman will travel to Colombia this fall to lead a cake decorating demonstration for more than 6,000. "When you're cooking with somebody even if they don't speak your language you're still cooking with them," Goldman tells CNN. “We've shared experiences in our careers, in our lives, in our passion of the things that we really believe in." 

Goldman is the former star of the Food Network's Ace of Cakes and recently expanded his bakery to the West Coast with a location in Los Angeles

Baltimore Magazine also lists Top Chef runner up and co-owner of Frederick’s Volt Restaurant Bryan Voltaggio as one of the 80 ambassadors.
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