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Baltimore design guru takes tour of area studios

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In her latest monthly "Letter from Baltimore," Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson takes readers on a tour of some of the city's design studios housed in interesting spaces.

Here's an excerpt:

In recent years, I've noticed more designers setting up shop in Baltimore in a variety of building types, from the archetypal Baltimore row house to the massive mills erected in the boom years of the Industrial Revolution.

My own office occupies a small but sunny corner of one of those converted mill buildings. Once a manufacturing center for the sailcloth that fueled Baltimore's famous clipper ships, this mill is now home to some 90 businesses´┐Żart galleries, publishing companies, artist and graphic studios, a postproduction space for filmmakers. I've got hardwood floors, exposed brick, a view of trees, and an easy walk from my home. The price tag: less than $250 a month.

This fall, I've been touring the studios of local designers to see inside their work spaces and get a glimpse into their creative processes. Here are a few highlights.

Read more here.

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