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System Source Expands, Creates 5 Jobs in Hunt Valley

Baltimore tech industry pioneer System Source in Hunt Valley is moving into a post-recession growth phase. The company is expanding operations and hiring new personnel to meet the area's rising demand for remote office management, IT training, and teleconferencing.

"In 30 years, we've lived through four recessions," says System Source President Maury Weinstein. "You have to reinvent yourself."

Opened in 1981, System Source has grown with Baltimore's tech industry. The company's newest focus is on remote managed service for small companies that can't necessarily afford to staff their own full-service IT department. System Source offers clients the opportunity to have a remote IT department that can handle their servers and equipment. The company is also expanding its portfolio of services with updated videoconferencing.

"With the price of gas, video conferencing really makes sense. For a business in Baltimore, driving to see a client nearby might not even be as economical," Weinstein continues.

System Source recently opened its 15th Learning Center classroom in Havre de Grace. The opening of this new facility is directly tied to the training opportunities created by BRAC. As more defense contracting and other BRAC-related jobs open in the area, job seekers and existing employees will need new certifications and applications training.

In response to this expansion of operations, System Source is looking to grow its team. The company is currently looking to fill 5 openings. System Source is looking for tech teachers for the Learning Centers, and sales support staff in the company's home office in Hunt Valley.

"We've seen explosive growth in some technologies," Weinstein says. "We're gearing up for something new."

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: System Source, Chris Riley and Maury Weinstein
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