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Incite Creative Feeds the Startup Market With New Workshops

Incite Creative is offering a new series of workshops designed to help start-ups launch with an understanding of how to position their enterprise for success. Dina Wasmer, President of Incite Creative, saw an opportunity to create positioning workshops that would teach entrepreneurs how to build their brand and position their business themselves rather than relying on a service to do it for them.

"Over the years we've had a number of small businesses or sole proprietors say that they love the process but can't afford it. We have created the 'Positioning Lite' workshops to provide the same information we convey in the full-bodied version, but do so at a lower price-point and just 1.5 hour investment of time. And for those who prefer the autonomy, this format is set up where we provide the tools, teach them how to do it, and they can implement it themselves, which is also appealing to some," says Wasmer.

The Positioning Lite workshops offer entrepreneurs training in forming a brand identity and a position statement for their business. The workshops focus on concepts like communicating your business's unique niche, streamlining and consistently portraying your marketing message, and figuring out ways to have your message heard. The Positioning Lite workshops also offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect in a small group setting.

"I think it's a tough time to start a new business. Even established businesses that have a solid reputation are struggling to get contracts signed in a timely fashion and contending with price wars. That's why it's so important that business owners have a solid market positioning that is built on a point of distinction other than price. Someone will always be cheaper, but they won't necessarily be better. Positioning is the art of striking a balance between being unique and being in demand," Wasmer says.

Incite Creative is accepting reservations for Positioning Lite workshops in August and September now.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Dina Wasmer, Incite Creative

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