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Energy Answers International to Build Renewable Energy Plant in Baltimore

Energy Answers International, an Albany, NY-based company, is preparing to break ground on a planned renewable energy plant in Curtis Bay. The plant will be located on the "brownfield" site of the former FMC Corp., an agricultural chemical manufacturer. The 90-acre facility will include a 140 megawatt combined heat and power plant as well as an "Eco-Industrial Park." 

According to the company, the heating and electricity power plant is designed to provide wholesale energy to help meet regional demands, as well as reduced-price retail for co-residents of the industrial park, by burning shredded municipal waste, tire chips, auto parts, and woody debris. The plant has received all necessary municipal and state approvals.

Local environmentalists have expressed concerns about the site, however, arguing that it will increase air pollution and emit mercury and other potentially harmful toxins.

Energy Answers says there will be no solid waste, unprocessed waste, or hazardous materials used in the plant, and that all fuel will be delivered in enclosed vehicles. In addition to the generation of steam and electricity, the Fairfield facility will recover ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the combustion residue for recycling and produce Boiler AggregateTM for use in concrete products and other construction materials.

The facility will create up to 400 jobs during a planned three years of construction, set to begin in December, and at least 180 permanent green jobs when it begins operations in 2013.

Source: Energy Answers
Writer: Walaika Haskins
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