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ATR Launches Solar Car Chargers

Advanced Technology & Research Incorporated has launched a new line of solar car chargers. The newest addition to ATR's solar product array was installed at 10401 Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, MD on August 8th, in a ceremony attended by Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. The ceremony marked the debut of Maryland's first high-efficiency, small-footprint solar system for EV charging. The product launch included an on-site demonstration with electric vehicles of The Solar Power Pole, a sun-tracking EV-charging system.

"Using renewable solar energy to power up electric vehicles is one of those closed loop systems that is hard to resist. ATR looked to fill a niche with a very efficient, sun tracking solar array, perched on top of a single monopole. This configuration provides the most power with the smallest footprint and it is much easier to site in the typical parking lot," says ATR Vice President of Energy Systems Rob Lundahl

The Solar Power Pole features an 18-foot tall elevated six-panel solar array that utilizes ATR's GPS-based sun-tracking technology for efficiency gains of 30-45% over conventional rooftop solar arrays. The pole-top mount keeps the panels well overhead and the curbside footprint very small. The systems are grid-tied to assure continuous availability of charging power.

"We want to install more units in high traffic and high visibility locations. These chargers are attractive and high tech. We believe that the early adopters of electric vehicles are forward looking and they will seek out the solar chargers as the next step in zero  carbon commuting," Lundahl continues.

The car charger launch adds a new product to ATR's expanding lines. ATR also offers a single panel tracker, a pole mounted tracker designed for use by homeowners that holds 2 solar panels, and a large solar tracker that can be retrofitted to wind turbine poles.

Writer: Amy Mcneal
Sources: Rob Lundahl, Alan Cohen, Advanced Technology and Research, Incorporated
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