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Incite Creative Adds New Clients, Staff

Incite Creative Inc. has added new clients, expanded services and hired new staff as the company celebrates 12 years in business this year.

“We are reaching back out to those [clients] that are less active to evaluate what was done, what needs to be revisited or enhanced," says Dina Wasmer, president of Incite Creative. "We're also continuing to provide mentoring services to a variety of organizations and support entrepreneurs."

Incite Creative recently formed a new relationship with Baltimore artist Stephanie Levine and her company, PaintPrints by Stephanie. The organization's branding, logo design, marketing materials, social media and public relations are being handled by Incite Creative. Stephanie Levine was recently honored for her work as an artist and a person with disabilities at the Hadassah Medical Center’s 6th annual CELL-A-BRATE event.

Incite has also expanded in two areas. Incite is now offering extended services in social media management and search engine optimization. Incite has added services in both areas to more accurately measure the effectiveness and consistency of clients' search engine rankings and social media outreach.

“Many companies and organizations are latching onto social media as a marketing tool but find that after they create their pages, they can't keep up with the posts," Wasmer says. "Consistency is king along with acquiring and engaging a following in order to establish and maintain a thought leadership positioning."

Incite Creative recently added three staff members, and is currently hiring freelance graphic designers and copywriters.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Dina Wasmer, Incite Creative Inc.

Broadcast Sports is Growing, Hiring

Broadcast Sports Inc. is growing.

The Hanover-based company that provides wireless telecommunications services for major sporting events recently opened a  U.K. office and is adding two staff positions here in Maryland.

Broadcast sports is currently hiring a test engineer and a management information systems analyst at its Hanover headquarters.

“The most exciting thing going on is all the new technologies we are working on now that will be deployed at various events this year," says Broadcast Sports Sales and Marketing Specialist Colleen Stanley. Though its U.K. office has only been on a few months, the company has been selected for some major sporting events including the Formula 1 racing series, Stanley says.

2012 is shaping up to be a busy year for Broadcast Sports. Already on the slate for this year, Broadcast Sports will be working the Winter X Games, Super Bowl XLVI, the Masters Golf Tournament, the Daytona 500, The Indianapolis 500 and the Summer Olympics in London. With all these events on tap, the company is looking for more help.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Colleen Stanley, Broadcast Sports Inc.

Campaign Management Firm Teams with Baltimore PR Company

CampaignON, a campaign management software company in Towson, has partnered with Baltimore's Weiss PR Associates Inc. to help candidates get their campaign messages out  --- just as the 2012 election season heats up. 

Weiss PR will be providing candidates with a wide range of public relations services, including strategic communications planning, media outreach, public affairs, issue management, community relations, and crisis communications, says Weiss PR President Ray Weiss

Weiss PR has worked with candidates on the state and local level, including PR support for former Baltimore County Executive Dennis Rasmussen when he ran for the U.S. Senate in 2006.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Source: Ray Weiss, Weiss PR Associates Inc.

Credit Unions Aim to Capitalize on Bank Discontent

As the financial crisis deepens and consumer outrage grows over new fees, credit unions are seizing an opportunity to bring more members into their organizations.

The Maryland & DC Credit Union Association is launching a new ad campaign to highlight the features that credit unions have to offer potential new members.

The Maryland & DC Credit Union Association has launched a website to inform consumers about the potential advantages that they could receive from joining a credit union. At whatsinitforme.org, people thinking about making the switch to a credit union can find out the basics of what credit unions are all about and read a blog about the programs and policies of credit unions.

The association has also launched advertising spots on Baltimore radio stations, outdoor banner ads and online ads promoting credit union membership and the benefits of credit unions. The spots focus on the potential money savings for consumers who choose credit unions over traditional banks.

Source: Maryland & DC Credit Union Association
Writer: Amy McNeal

Spark Media Creates Film on Civil Rights Crusader Stetson Kennedy

Spark Media is creating a new documentary film, "Klandestine Man: The Life and Times of Stetson Kennedy". The film will document Mr. Kennedy's actions as he infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in the 1950's to fight against racial intolerance and hatred and disseminated the secret information of the group to journalists and investigators.

"When we convince audiences that one person can make a difference and empower the individual to be a force for change, this documentary will make it possible to fulfill Stetson's life's mission," says co-director/producer Andrea Kalin.

Stetson Kennedy used his background of Southern privilege to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan of the 1950's at the highest levels. He stayed undercover in the organization for 15 years, and learned many of the groups secrets. The information he gathered about the Klan was widely published and helped to demystify the group. Mr. Kennedy used a variety of means to publicize the Klan's secret information and passwords, even the popular "Superman" radio show.

"We actually interviewed Stetson for our last documentary, Soul of a People: Writing America's Story, about the Federal Writers' Project. Stetson worked on the project in Florida, gathering oral histories and folklore. Some of what he witnessed during this time is what inspired him to fight for the 'little guy' for the rest of his life...It's a story that not many people know about outside of Florida, and a story we thought needed to be told," says producer and lead researcher James Mirabello.

Spark Media will be showing the film at film festivals beginning in 2012. A trailer is available online now.

Writer: Amy McNeal
Sources: Andrea Kalin, Jamies Mirabello
20 Media Articles | Page: | Show All
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