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Bmore Managing Editor Neal Shaffer - Arianne Teeple
Bmore Managing Editor Neal Shaffer - Arianne Teeple

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The past few years have seen much hand-wringing over the future of media. Publications are evolving their mission and form, blogs and new media have flourished, pundits have speculated endlessly on what it all means and where the industry might be headed next.

One thing that's not in doubt, however, is the importance of the work. Of good ideas and interesting stories. The methods of delivery and consumption may be in a serious state of flux but nobody questions the continued need for quality content.

As a result, the real issue -- the real challenge -- lies in focus. More than ever, content needs a steady hand, considered judgment, and a proper channel. So when the opportunity arose to partner with Bmore Media to help shape the publication's vision and brand, I saw it as a unique and valuable challenge.

In the coming months I'll be helping guide the magazine into its next phase. There's a strong foundation in place and from there my goal is to help define and grow it as a hub for creativity, innovation, and ideas in Baltimore and surrounding regions.

I know you have choices -- there are a lot of other media outlets doing a lot of great work. In light of that, I ask you to look to Bmore as a place where we shine a light on Baltimore's best. From the tech sector to higher education, from small business success stories to longstanding institutions that surprise and impress us year after year.

There's a great energy in this city. Things are happening fast and the foundation is being laid for a bright future. Bmore will be there, taking stock and doing our part.

Along the way, we'll want to hear from you. Have an idea for a story? Know someone who's out there getting things done? Drop us a line at feedback@bmoremedia.com to let us know. While we can't promise to cover everything that comes our way (there's only so much space) we will always take a look.

If you're reading this that means you're either already on board or at least intrigued. We appreciate it. In the coming weeks and months you'll hopefully come to love it even more, and maybe even tell a friend or two.

With that, off we go.

Neal Shaffer is a writer and creative professional based solidly in Baltimore, MD.

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