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Letter From the Editor: Baltimore's Looming Identity Crisis

Innovation and growth in Baltimore are good things. This much is clear. That doesn't mean, however, there won't be problems. As the city and its people continue to forge a path into the future, we will more and more be faced with a question: what kind of city do we want to be?

Former Colt Joe Ehrmann Works to Strengthen Communities Through Sport

Joe Ehrmann's days as an All-Pro for the Baltimore Colts may be behind him, but that doesn't mean he's lost touch with the sense of purpose and discipline that are essential to success in both sports and life. Today, via his organization Coach for America, Ehrmann brings the lesson of teamwork to bear in service of building stronger communities.

My Baltimore's Next: Daniel Cotzin Burg

"What would our city be like if each of us walked through our neighborhoods and our places of work seeing a spark of the divine in the face of each person we encounter?" So wonders Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg, for whom the key to Baltimore's future is an embrace of the best religion has to offer.

My Baltimore's Next: Marc Unger

For comedian and Baltimore resident Marc Unger, the future health of the city comes down to one thing: the need to have honest discussions and make hard choices. And it all starts with city youth.

Building Better Lives At the Women's Housing Coalition

There are two kinds of progress in a place like Baltimore. There's obvious stuff like development business growth -- these are easy to see. Then there's the less obvious but arguably more important day-to-day work, done in the trenches by people who have dedicated themselves to helping others. Like, for example, the folks at the Women's Housing Coalition. You may not see them making "news" every day, but they're out there doing their part. Here, Bmore's Sam Hopkins goes behind the scenes to learn more.

The Shamans of Eastern Avenue

Mexican artist Paco Loza established Baltimore as his American base through visits and exhibitions throughout the years. Now, he's begun a tradition of bringing his Huichol Indian friends from their mountain homes to Highlandtown's Creative Alliance, to represent their people through art.

Competing Interests Grapple For the Future of Federal Hill

Federal Hill is known as a destination neighborhood for young, plugged-in Baltimoreans seeking a robust bar scene and chic urban living. That reputation, however, is not without its costs. Recent developments highlight a growing tension between those who see the neighborhood as an entertainment hub and those who would prefer a quieter pace. Here, Bmore's Amy McNeal takes a look at what both sides have to say.

The Benefits of Bootstrapping: Kwame Kuadey Talks GiftCardRescue

Even when he was still in business school, Kwame Kuadey knew that a slow climb up the corporate ladder wasn't for him. He knew that some day, when the right opportunity presented itself, he'd go off on his own. Today his startup, GiftCardRescue, has seven employees in Ellicott City and is poised to continue growing. And Kuadey did it all without a dollar of venture capital.

Audio Feature: The Voices of Northeast Market

Back in April we brought you the story of what's happening on the East Monument "Main Street," one of Baltimore's less heralded commercial strips. Today, in partnership with WYPR's The Signal, we present a companion piece: an audio feature that allows you to hear directly from some of the folks featured in the original article as they discuss their life and business.

Boxing, Books Combine to Create Opportunity in West Baltimore

"I'm not here to create champions in boxing; I'm here to create champions in life." These are the words of Marvin McDowell, Maryland Boxing Hall of Fame member and founder of the UMAR Boxing and Youth Development Center. Where, through a combination of education, coaching, and mentoring, he's giving kids hope.

Teaching Accountability at House of Ruth's Abuser Intervention Program

For more than three decades the House of Ruth has served as a safe haven and resource for domestic violence victims in Baltimore. So, what are batterers doing there? Learning the skills they need to change their behavior for good thanks to new approaches at the center's Abuser Intervention Program. Bmore's Dan Collins went behind the scenes to learn more.

Publisher's Note: Bmore Partners With Mundo Latino

Bmore Media is excited to announce that we've partnered up with the recently launched Spanish language newspaper Mundo Latino.

Neighborhood Life: The Ups, Downs, and Day-to-Days on East Monument Street

"Main Street." What does that mean, really? It's as much an idea as a place, as much a goal for which to strive as a set of storefronts. Baltimore has a dozen or more Main Streets, each with its own unique character and its own set of challenges. We visited one of the lesser-known examples -- East Monument Street -- to learn more about its history and what's happening there today.

Photo Essay: Druid Hill Park

Be honest: when was the last time you explored Druid Hill Park? Or have you ever? If not, you're missing out on one of Baltimore's true civic gems. Join us as we take a fresh look at the park and what it has to offer (then make plans to get there yourself).

Marketing Charm City's Neighborhoods

As a city of neighborhoods, Baltimore's independent food markets add an atmosphere and appeal that trumps standard, big-name grocery stores. Baltimore's small grocers abide by the philosophy that quality products and the highest level of customer service will make and keep them neighborhood mainstays.
86 Articles | Page: | Show All
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