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What do Jen Royle, Duff Goldman and Mike Brenner Have in Common?

Articles on food, startups, local celebs, design and solutions for urban blight were among readers' favorites in 2011. Take a look to see what stories made the cut.

Bmore Media Readers Weigh In on "Diner," Male/Female Sculpture

Bmore Media readers share their views on two Baltimore works of art: the movie "Diner" and the "Male/Female" sculpture.

Who Likes That 51-foot Sculpture in Front of Penn Station?

Bmore Media's new Managing Editor shares her opinion of the city's most controversial work of art.

Doing Business with Friends: Friends of the Web Makes its Mark on Baltimore

Friends of the Web is a company whose name describes it well -- four best friends taking on web design and product development. Instead of carving out what would certainly be a difficult path in the tech world of Silicon Valley, Friends operates out of a rowhouse in Fells Point, where the 20-somethings work, eat, and sleep. A recipe for disaster? Try a formula for success.

Asking Questions, Solving Problems at D:center Baltimore

What is design? It's a simple enough question with a far-from-simple set of answers. Answers that a dedicated group of volunteers are working hard to find for Baltimore at D:center, one of the city's most interesting grassroots organizations.

Going Where the Wood Takes Him

Not all tales of entrepreneurship involve hot, fresh startups. In fact, sometimes it's the quieter stories -- the long-term successes -- that can inspire us the most. Meet Mark Supik, who's been running a woodworking business on his own terms since 1981.

Fells Point's TAG Galleries Brings Art Appreciation to Street Level

To be an "art collector" likely seems, to most, an abstraction. Rarefied air, reserved for captains of industry and cashed-out entrepreneurs. Fells Point's TAG Galleries is changing that. By offering high-quality reproductions of contemporary works of art, brothers Ian and Cory Woods are forging a new market. Bmore's Staci Wolfson visited TAG to learn more.

Mache Magazine, By and For Creators

Startup digital magazine Maché is the love child of four people: foodies, crafters, and designers. It's free, spreading, and prepared to go as far as it can.

Metalsmith Megan Auman Welds Together Her Own Brand of Entrepreneurship

"That's ridiculous. You could teach that stuff." With these words of encouragement from a friend, entrepreneur and metalsmith Megan Auman was off. Rather than go to business school, she created a business school (of sorts). Today, Auman's success continues to grow and she stands as a sterling example of the value of a DIY spirit.

Startup Scene: Meet Mike Brenner, Baltimore Entrepreneur

The tech scene in Baltimore has been on quite a run over the past few years (in case you missed it). One of many reasons why is the emergence of a highly motivated crop of young entrepreneurs. Meet Mike Brenner, one such Baltimorean. While you may not know his name, chances are you know at least one of his many projects. Bmore Media sat down with him to learn more.

Drafting the Future of Education at Baltimore Design School

Like many cities, Baltimore is in the midst of trying to reconfigure last century's educational system so that it may better meet the coming century's needs. Progress, in all likelihood, will arrive not in a single moment where we declare the problems "fixed," but rather in increments. Take for example the Baltimore Design School, a new effort to provide design-focused education within the broader context of Baltimore City schools. Follow us behind the scenes to learn more.

Typecast: Print Renaissance Takes Hold in Station North

As the world becomes ever more mechanized -- and, sure, convenient -- some folks stop to wonder if we might be losing something in the process. Meet Kyle Van Horn, proprietor of Baltimore's first full-scale, public access print studio.
42 Articles | Page: | Show All
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