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University of Maryland law school means business

The University of Maryland has revamped its law school curriculum so students are better prepared for the job market. Students learn how to read a balance sheet and learn what it takes to start a company. 

Morgan State University unveils plan to boost neighborhood

Morgan State University has embarked on a new initiative aimed at improving the surrounding community and quality of life for students and staff. It has teamed up with Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street, MedStar Samaritan Hospital and others on the Morgan Community Mile.

Baltimore and beyond: How anchor institutions are shaping cities

Anchor institutions are increasingly becoming catalysts in making their communities more vibrant, livable places. We take a look at how Johns Hopkins University and its counterparts in other cities are doing that.  

Universities Unleash Students' "Inner Entrepreneur"

Entrepreneurship is the latest buzzword on college campuses to help students get jobs at startups and small companies. Schools like the University of Baltimore are enhancing their entrepreneurship programs and teaching startup skills to all students — not just those studying business. 

$1M in Prize Money for Cities That Boost College Enrollment

National organization CEOs for Cities is awarding a $1 million prize to the city that can demonstrate the greatest boost in the number of college graduates. Baltimore is one of 57 cities eligible to win the money that will be used to launch a promotional campaign centered around developing talent. 

Healthy Growth: Wellness School Tai Sophia Seeks University Status

Students from around the nation come to Tai Sophia Institute to learn about herbal medicine, nutrition and acupuncture. As national interest in wellness grows, the Howard County school is adding new programs, growing enrollment and seeking university status. 

Opportunity Thrives for Low Income Students at Cristo Rey

Education is often bandied about among those jockeying for political position as a vague notion in need of improvement. It's a quick, easy soundbite on which almost everyone can readily agree. But what does improvement look like, and how do we find it? One place to start looking is Fells Point's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, where low income students are beating the odds every day.

Video: Gaming at UMBC

The video game industry may not be Maryland's equivalent of film in Los Angeles or country music in Nashville, but it is a force. Companies such as Zynga, Firaxis, Big Huge Games, and Day 1 Studios are all based here and are responsible for some of the industry's most interesting titles. We're also lucky to have a robust gaming program at UMBC, where students on the creative and technical ends of the game creation process learn side-by-side how to conceptualize and create the games of tomorrow.
8 Articles | Page:
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