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Four growing companies to watch

They make games, sell "smart" gloves, provide weather information and supply green energy. Take a look at these four innovative companies to watch.

Video: Gaming at UMBC

The video game industry may not be Maryland's equivalent of film in Los Angeles or country music in Nashville, but it is a force. Companies such as Zynga, Firaxis, Big Huge Games, and Day 1 Studios are all based here and are responsible for some of the industry's most interesting titles. We're also lucky to have a robust gaming program at UMBC, where students on the creative and technical ends of the game creation process learn side-by-side how to conceptualize and create the games of tomorrow.

Betascape highlights vibrancy, creativity of Baltimore's tech community

Including a technology showcase in the nation's largest free arts festival may leave many arts lovers scratching their heads. Baltimore's tech community doesn't think combining the two is strange at all. In fact they see Betascape, the latest addition to Artscape, as their coming out party, demonstrating to area residents and the rest of the country that Bmore's tech scene is badass.
3 Articles | Page:
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