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New Fells Point coffeehouse brewing up java and fudge

There's a new java pusher on the streets, supplying coffee lovers in Fells Point with their daily latte dose. And while a good cup of joe in a friendly, familiar environment is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, when it's combined with the chocolatey goodness of freshly made fudge, then the line fiends looking to get their fix will likely stretch out the door.

That's the golden combo Jeff Harwood, a veteran javahouse developer and owner of the newly opened Java Roo, Kickin' Coffee and Fells Fabulous Homemade Fudge, is banking on. The one-month old Broadway coffeehouse offers 19 flavors of fudge made fresh daily, a wide array of specialty coffees, fudge-based mocha drinks, and pure fruit smoothies. The coffeeshop also carries Harwood's  motley crew of "Coffee Critters" characters: Java Roo, Mocha Monkey, Latte Lion, Wired Whiskers, Caffeine Coyote and Chai Cheetah on tee-shirts, coffee mugs, and other merchandise. Harwood, who's lived in the area since 2002, introduced the characters four years ago at Coffee Fest in Seattle, where they snagged the title of "best new product of show."

An aeronautical space expert by day, Harwood has owned coffeehouses in Florida and Virginia over the past 15 years owned. But he's decided to focus all his resources on the Fells Point location, largely to make it a unique and beloved neighborhood haunt. He chose the deep, narrow building with old fashioned tin ceilings at 726 S. Broadway after hearing grumblings from Fells Point residents that there weren't enough coffee shops in the neighborhood -- and not enough alternatives for those with a sweet tooth.

Harwood unabashedly declares his confection as "the best fudge you'll ever have." Among the dizzying selection are Heath Bar, mint, amaretto, coconut, Butterfinger, chewy praline, peanut butter chocolate, and raspberry vanilla swirl. Also available are sports-themed flavors in gift boxes, including chocolate-grape-raspberry swirl for Ravens fans and chocolate-orange swirl for Orioles devotees.

Source: Jeff Harwood, Java Roo
Writer: Lucy Ament

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