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Beef Brothers Gets Indoor Digs at Charles Plaza

For fans of Beef Brothers, a heretofore seasonal cart specializing in Nathan's hot dogs and fresh deli sandwiches, its almost as though spring has sprung early despite the frigid temps outside. That's because their favorite lunchtime cart has found a permanent home in the Charles Plaza food court.

Brad and Marc Quint, brothers and co-owners of Beef Brothers, had been looking at several opportunities to take their business from a seasonal cart to a year-round sit-down eatery since starting their business during the dog days of last summer.

"Our customers kept asking what we were going to do in the winter and many buildings around were inquiring about us being in their lobby or building. So, we went from no options to many in a short time period. We explored a few options and the best one we decided was the food court because it was very close to our cart. We closed the hot dog cart in November and got to work on our spot in the eatery. The eatery had been renovated recently and is beautiful. We did the rest of the work ourselves. Well, Marc did. He is very handy," says Brad.

While Brad changed the radio stations, Marc completed the renovations. And now the pair, who had long dreamed of opening a Jewish-style deli sandwich shop but didn't have the capital to make it happen, have their very own sandwichery.

"We are very excited about it all and so far we have been very well received. We know people don't have a lot of time for lunch and in this economy not a lot of extra money. So we try to get people their food fast at a good price but most importantly at the highest quality. We serve the highest quality of everything we offer. If we won't eat it and love it than we won't make it and sell it."

Beef Brothers serves breakfast and lunch and is open from 7:30 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday. The deli seats about 200 people. Regular customers can participate in a loyalty program and also enjoy the Beef Brothers website that features photos with pithy captions.

"We have a bbq brisket sanwich with bbq sauce horseradish sauce on a kaiser roll and we call it The Beef Brother. It comes with slaw and people love it. It's something different, tasty and flavorful," says Brad.

"We are a full deli in the eatery. With traditional deli sandwiches like brisket corned beef and pastrami. We have soup every day and made to order salads. And of course our Nathan's hot dogs," he adds.

For those who enjoy lunch al fresco, Brad says the cart will reopen in its previous spot in the spring.

Source: Brad Quint, Beef Brothers
Writer: Walaika Haskins
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