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2151 Priest Bridge Dr.
Crofton, Maryland 21114
Phillip Jackson and Dr. Mark Baganz founded secureRAD LLC seven years ago in the offices of Annapolis’ Chesapeake Medical Imaging.

The two noticed the need for a simple system for Chesapeake Medical’s technicians to use when managing MRI and PET scan images going in and out of the office. So Jackson and Baganz decided to create a system of their own.

In June, Crofton IT firm purchased the medical imaging firm for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition allows Force 3 to expand into the $6.55 billion medical image storage and management market. Force 3 currently provides an imaging solution for the military dental market. With secureRAD, it expands into commercial healthcare and veterinarian offices.

SecureRAD provides picture archiving and communication systems, or PACS, to customers ranging from single practitioners to some of the largest public and private institutions in the world. Its customers include Toll Gate Radiology in Warwick, R.I., Veterans Affairs Health Care Administration in Palo Alto, Calif., Harvard University and Nuada Medical Specialist Imaging in London.

SecureSHARE allows healthcare facilities, physicians and patients to use a web portal to exchange medical images in an e-mail like fashion. So if a physician wants to send an image to another for consultation, that physician can use SecureSHARE to do it.

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