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1450 South Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227

Noxilizer is pioneering the development of a unique and superior sterilization technology that will revolutionize two major sterilization markets � hospitals and biotherapeutics. In hospitals, Noxilizer is developing a system especially for the sensitive high-tech equipment increasingly used in minimally invasive surgical procedures. In the biotherapeutics market, the development of next-generation therapies for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes is constrained by current sterilization technologies which destroy chemical, biologic, and mechanical properties of many products.

Noxilizer's room-temperature system has shown great potential to be an enabling technology for a wide range of products, including antibodies, proteins, drug-device combination products, nanoparticles, and implants. Noxilizer is committed to providing innovative solutions for healthcare professionals and their patients.

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