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CrispTek, LLC

9250 Bendix Road, North Suite 510
Columbia, MD 21045
Five guys with a fryer founded CrispTek in response to consumer demand for reducing fat in their diets, and the need for gluten-free cooking alternatives. The company has developed a patented blend of rice flours to reduce the absorption of oils in fried foods. The technology, exclusively licensed from the USDA, uses rice's natural water absorbing characteristics to resist oil uptake when prepared as a batter coating for fried foods.

Laboratory tests have shown that fried foods coated with the batter absorb up to 50 percent less oil than commonly used wheat-based batters, and the coating is gluten-free. G

luten-free products are needed for the three million individuals in the US with Celiac Disease, who can't eat products containing wheat. It has also been estimated that nearly a third of the US population are sensitive to gluten in their diet. The new product, Choice Batter TM, will address two major health issues - the over consumption of oils in fried foods, and gluten intolerance - while delivering excellent textural and taste qualities.

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