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Beck, Powell & Parsons

29 West Susquehanna Avenue, Suite 300
Towson, MD 21204
Beck Powell & Parsons provides design services to governmental, corporate, and institutional clients. Building types for these owners range from small renovations to large new facilities valued at more than $21 million. The many design awards the company has received testify to the professional standards and creativity of its staff. Its design abilities, supported by strong office management, mean prompt service for clients. With this emphasis on response and value in a medium-sized firm, it provide personal and "personalized" service.

Beck, Powell & Parsons has been applying the principles of green and sustainable design to its projects since the early 1970s. This work has included the application of active and passive solar energy systems, energy conserving building designs and systems, specification of renewable and recycled building materials, and specification of materials, products to minimize indoor air quality problems and many other green principles.

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