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15Four Video Strategy

3618 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD
15Four Video Strategy creates digital video production services using a dramatic film style to tell a company's story in a compelling, cinematic way.

The company was founded In 2004, focusing on creating top-flight video content. The first big production opportunities came with larger nonprofits: World Relief, Cal Ripken Sr Foundation and Prison Fellowship International.

Seeing the video landscape changing, 15Four started moving its content online. This drove the company to start making videos in the business-to-business sphere. 15Four began to widen its client reach and employee count. Today, it employs 20 and is looking to hire an editor and an animator within the year. 

Last year, the company was rebranded as 15Four Video Strategy to reflect the fact that it isn’t just about online video, but where that video lives, how it’s made and who is seeing it. Since then, 15Four has been providing strategic communication and planning and portfolio design.

The company recently won an Addy and two Telly Awards for its work. 

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