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It's streets lined with small rowhouses, this closely-knit blue-collar neighborhood is one of Baltimore's hottest communities. Attracting an influx of young professionals and hip businesses Locust Point has evolved into an improbably cool mix of old and new.                   


Tracy Rice As a local business owner, Tracy Rice, thought Locust Point was the perfect place for her cupcake shop. It didn't take her long to conclude that it was the perfect place for her to live as well.
Terry Bloom Locust Point's tight knit, blue-collar community has kept Terry Bloom in the neighborhood for most of her life.

Our Picks:

Eat & Drink

Cafes and Hangouts

Harvest Table cafes & coffeehouses
Luca’s Café cafes & coffeehouses
Java Journey cafes & coffeehouses

Music and Entertainment

Gallery Imperato art galleries
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After Dark: Peak Hours

Monday after 5 p.m.
The Himalayan House
Tuesday after 6 p.m.
The Wine Market
Wednesday after 6 p.m.
L.P. Steamers Crab House
Thursday after 7 p.m.
JR’s Bar & Grill
Friday after 9 p.m.
Idle Hour
Saturday after 9 p.m.
J. Patrick’s Irish Pub
Sunday after 1 p.m.