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Brian Charles Donnell

Federal Hill Insider Brian Charles Donnell
Federal Hill Insider Brian Charles Donnell
It was a job that brought Brian Charles Donnell from Greensboro, North Carolina to Baltimore. Not familiar with the city, Brian considered moving to Mount Vernon, Canton and Federal Hill. Ultimately, however, he chose none of them, instead opting to move to the Lake Montebello area.

"I was there for 1 week before I moved to Federal Hill," he says. Brian made his escape to Federal Hill because he is used to living downtown in a city and its convenient to "everything."

"Restaurants and bars, they're like tons of them [in Federal Hill]. That's great! And then just the easy access everywhere," he says.

"[It's] city living at it's best. For this city anyway. Just walking around other neighborhoods, not living in them, I would have to say the fact that I can walk out of my front door and see the harbor, downtown, Canton, Fells Point! Go to the terrace and see cruise ships at Port Covington! The scenery is unique and you can't get my scenery anywhere else in the city!" Brian continus.

Life on the Hill

Joining a local gym, Brian found a circle of friends who he says "just hangout on each other's terraces." Shopping choices for men in Federal Hill are slim, but Brian tries to keep it local, heading to Whimsy/Reason and Flipside. "[Whimsy/Reason] carries a lot of really high end stuff that you can't find anywhere else in Baltimore. The only other place you can find it is in D.C. or Manhattan. I don't really shop in malls, and I've wrapped up my Christmas shopping at stores in the neighborhood," he says.

When he wants to hangout, Brian is all about the fries at Don't Know Tavern. "They have great fries. And, if you have great fries, I'm pretty much sold. That's my weakness and why I hit the gym. I always went to The Bicycle, but when they closed I went to Corks. They have good service and a great wine selection. And now The Hill is a great spot."

Separate but not

According to Brian, the best thing about living in Federal Hill is that "you are separate from the rest [of the city], or so you feel that way. We live on a peninsula. We're blocked off by two stadiums so you have a sense of seclusion. Neighbors are friendly but not nosey!"

Federal Hill has "the unique characteristics of a small town within a semi large city! The seclusion and easy access to downtown. We are steps away from the harbor, quick access to highways and unless you are on Light & Cross streets Thursday to Sunday morning, everything is quiet!" he continues.

The neighborhood, he says, just all around suits his lifestyle. "I don't want to move."
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