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Life Sciences

As a hub of healthcare with world-renowned hospitals and medical facilities, Baltimore also attracts entrepreneurs eager to make their mark in biotechnology, biopharma, biodefense and other life sciences. Leading the way is the University of Maryland, Baltimore's BioPark where life science companies and specialized research centers from startups and early stage to mature bioscience companies find a home.

Life Sciences Features

FDA approves Hopkins-invented eye implant

The Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins will begin embedding a device this year that can restore vision to blind patients who suffer from an inherited eye disease. The FDA approved the groundbreaking device this month. 

Swimming Toward Success: Turning Marine Research Into Commercial Gold

A marine research institute at the University System of Maryland appointed a new director this month and is commercializing three of its technologies. Russell Hill talks about what's next at the Institute of Marine and Environmental Science. 

The Land of Biotech Opportunity

Twenty years ago it was possible to travel the length and breadth of Maryland and miss the few biotechnology firms in the state. Fast forward to 2010 and in key regions of Maryland its hard to go down the street without tripping over one biotech company after another. We wondered what it is that's attracting researchers, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies to Maryland. So we sent a video crew out to find out.

The Inner Harbor: Going from Bio-don't to Bio-do

The Inner Harbor. It's the city's crown jewel, attracting visitors from around the world. There's just one small problem: the water. Known more for its impenetrable murky depths, fish kills, and algae blooms, some might say the term "Healthy Harbor" is an oxymoron. But, with the help of area citizens, the Waterfront Partnership says in 10 years that could all be history.

Juxtopia: Looking Toward the Biotech Future

Jayfus Doswell, head of Juxtopia, is creating biomedical technologies to boost human performance. He's also using his ambitions to give back to his native Baltimore.
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