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Making Dead Buildings Live: the Steady Baltimore Museum Project

Anyone who's ever spent time in the vicinity of North and Greenmount can tell you: there is perhaps no more stark a reminder of Baltimore's troubles than the seemingly endless panorama of abandoned or derelict properties found there. Yet in empty and neglected space there's more than just rubble and ghosts. There's opportunity. For proof look no further than the Steady Baltimore Museum Project, which takes aim at two abandoned Barclay rowhouses with an eye on remaking them as community art space.

Remaking Highlandtown, One Building (and One Business) at a Time

Like many Baltimore neighborhoods, Highlandtown is blessed with both rich history and as-yet-untapped future potential. The question is: how to connect those dots? We talked to one area developer who just might have an answer.

Baltimore's art community paints a pretty picture of the Baltimore economy

In the wake of another successful Artscape, it's hardly necessary to point out that Baltimore has a thriving arts community. It is worth mentioning, however, that Charm City's ar ts community has a large impact on the City's overall economy, its neighborhoods and its development.

Building Up Baltimore -- Evan Morville

As a partner at Seawall Development Corp., which was honored by the Urban Land Institute for its Millers Court residential complex for teachers, Evan Morville believes that revitalizing Baltimore begins with communities. He talks to us about the city's resurgence and why he thinks the city is on track to make a bigtime comeback.

Bmore Media Welcomes Julekha Dash to the Team

After a long search, Bmore Media welcomes Julekha Dash as our new Development News Editor.
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