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Of Small Ponds and Big Ambitions

Film directors usually depict small towns as either Norman Rockwell-esque fantasies or intellectually stifling places full of small-minded people. But life in these places has a distinct rhythm and is full of individual stories that present a much deeper picture to those who care to look. Baltimore filmmaker Josh Slates aims to bring a more robust image of small-town America to moviegoers with his first feature film, Small Pond.

Doing Business with Friends: Friends of the Web Makes its Mark on Baltimore

Friends of the Web is a company whose name describes it well -- four best friends taking on web design and product development. Instead of carving out what would certainly be a difficult path in the tech world of Silicon Valley, Friends operates out of a rowhouse in Fells Point, where the 20-somethings work, eat, and sleep. A recipe for disaster? Try a formula for success.

Asking Questions, Solving Problems at D:center Baltimore

What is design? It's a simple enough question with a far-from-simple set of answers. Answers that a dedicated group of volunteers are working hard to find for Baltimore at D:center, one of the city's most interesting grassroots organizations.

Andrew Hazlett Seeks the Glue to Hold Baltimore's Tech Community Together

It is, perhaps, an "only in Baltimore" story. One entrepreneur writes a blog post with an idea to create an "Innovation Community Manager" for Baltimore. A few months later, Andrew Hazlett has the job. Here, Bmore Media's Renee Libby Beck tracks Hazlett down to find out more about how he got here and what he's up to.

What Works in Cities: Placemaking

What's Working in Cities is a monthly series in which we take a closer look at people and organizations in cities across the country that are transforming neighborhoods and driving change in urban areas. What works in Portland, Austin, or Chattanooga will probably work here, too, in some form or another. Our series will ask why some things work, why some don't, and what big ideas and principles all cities should adopt as we move forward into an increasingly urbanized 21st century.

Mache Magazine, By and For Creators

Startup digital magazine Maché is the love child of four people: foodies, crafters, and designers. It's free, spreading, and prepared to go as far as it can.

Opportunity Thrives for Low Income Students at Cristo Rey

Education is often bandied about among those jockeying for political position as a vague notion in need of improvement. It's a quick, easy soundbite on which almost everyone can readily agree. But what does improvement look like, and how do we find it? One place to start looking is Fells Point's Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, where low income students are beating the odds every day.

Photo Essay: the Beehive at InterContinental Harbor Court

For this month's photo essay, Bmore Media's Arianne Teeple went behind the scenes on the roof of downtown's InterContinental Harbor Court Hotel, where their recently installed beehive is bringing the green roof concept to life.

Letter From the Editor: Baltimore's Looming Identity Crisis

Innovation and growth in Baltimore are good things. This much is clear. That doesn't mean, however, there won't be problems. As the city and its people continue to forge a path into the future, we will more and more be faced with a question: what kind of city do we want to be?

Local Entrepreneur Helps New Moms Hold It Together

As Rochelle Walker knows as well as anyone, "being a mom can be overwhelming." Rather than just accept that for what it is, however, Walker decided to do something about it. Today, her Pampered Mommas "maternity concierge" service is making life a little bit easier for new moms across Baltimore.

My Baltimore's Next: Heather Sarkissian

We already know that Baltimore has a strong emerging entrepreneurial scene. For Heather Sarkissian, ensuring the growth and sustainability of these efforts is the secret to Baltimore's future success.

My Baltimore's Next: Scott Burkholder

What sort of change has to happen to turn Baltimore into the kind of place where Stanford sends its newly-minted MBAs? Scott Burkholder thinks it comes down to social entrepreneurship, and Baltimore is uniquely qualified to see it happen.

My Baltimore's Next: Mike Subelsky

Entrepreneur Mike Subelsky has a challenge for Baltimore: to become as "obsessed with creating and growing businesses" as other cities are with sports. To help us get there, he offers six points of action.

My Baltimore's Next: Brian Sierakowski

How do we establish a "more vibrant entrepreneurial culture" here in Baltimore? For Brian Sierakowski, Director of Business Development for the Greater Baltimore Technology Council, it's all about picking the low-hanging fruit.

Video Feature: Maryland's Biotech Scene

As the BioInternational conference takes place down in Washington, DC, Bmore Media dives into Maryland's thriving biotech industry with an eye on what makes the state an appealing destination for biotech jobs, research, and talent.
133 Articles | Page: | Show All
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