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Green Technology: Growing Companies

9 Green Technology Companies | Page:

GreenSpacers Inc.

GreenSpacers "grows fresh air" by using hydroculture plants to remove volatile organic compounds in the air and produce oxygen to ease breathing.

9685 Gerwig Lane, Suite D
Columbia, MD 21046


Greenspacers "grows fresh air" by using hydroculture plants to remove volatile organic compounds in the air and produce oxygen to ease breathing and alleviate "sick building syndrome."

2400 Boston Street
3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21224

Tetrahedron, Inc.

Tetrahedron, Inc. provides cost effective, safe and dependable solutions to diverse challenges in the areas of science, technology and management. The company brings about success through its innovative approach, responsiveness, integrity and commitment to every clients' project.

1414 Key Highway, Suite B
Baltimore, MD 21230

21st Century Power Solutions

21st Century Power Solutions, LLC specializes in Solar (PV) Powered Systems for commercial, government and residential applications. The company's approach brings continuity to any Maryland solar power project, offering start-to-finish services from system design to installation and interconnection. The green energy firm believes in making the world a greener place. With solar energy their customers minimize their carbon footprint, gain energy independence and lower their annual energy costs.

Catonsville, MD 21228

Plant Sensory Systems

Plant Sensory Systems' mission is to develop technologies that will improve agricultural performance and alleviate negative environmental impact by optimizing the ability of plants to acquire and utilize nutrients to increase biomass, yield, and quality.

1450 South Rolling Road, Room 2049
Baltimore, md 21227

Waste Neutral Group

Waste Neutral provides sustainable waste management solutions for commercial and institutional applications by evaluating clients business processes and waste streams to determine if there are cost effective alternatives to divert needless waste from going to the landfill.

Baltimore, MD 21230

Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc

Chesapeake Environmental Management is a full-service environmental consulting firm serving commercial and governmental entities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. As consultants, they serve as trusted environmental advisors to clients who need the company's services to responsibly manage the natural resources that affect their business concerns. CEM solves their client's environmental challenges by carefully considering the complex inter-relationships of the environmental sciences including: geology, hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, geography, and engineering.

260 Gateway Drive, Suite 21-C
Bel Air, MD 21014

Baltimore Green Construction

When it comes to making a home or business environmentally-friendly Baltimore Green Construction, a full service builder and contractor, offers its clients who need custom homes, additions, renovations, or commercial spaces the benefits of sustainable construction.

814 W 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

TerraLogos Energy Group

TerraLogos Energy Group performs Energy Audits and Energy Improvement Contracting to find and fix the hidden energy leaks in homes and buildings. Our whole-building approach delivers cost effective improvements which will save you money on utility bills, make your home or building more comfortable and healthy, and reduce your personal impact on the environment.

1500 Bolton St
Baltimore, MD 21217

9 Green Technology Companies | Page:
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