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Fells Point

Max's On Broadway - Kristine Buls
Max's On Broadway - Kristine Buls

One of Baltimore's most beloved neighborhoods, Fells Point is located on the harbor and boasts a rich variety of restaurants, shops, galleries, and the greatest concentration of bars and pubs in the city.

The neighborhood pulls off with aplomb a rare dichotomy: it's simultaneously historic and modern, charming and edgy, sophisticated and quirky, traditional and diverse. The epicenter of this unique blend is the area closest to the water � most notably Thames Street and S. Broadway.

Fells Point has historically been home to sizeable Polish and Irish populations. In the past decade, the area has welcomed a growing Hispanic population. The  influence of the three cultures  can be seen throughout the neighborhood. Eastern Avenue enjoys a thriving Central American presence and is the place to go for authentic Central and South American cuisine, groceries, and clothing. Overall, the neighborhood is extremely inclusive, attracting young professionals, blue-collar workers and college students. It has some of the most historic edifices in Baltimore, as well as an annual Fells Point Fun Festival and nationally celebrated haunted tours.

Fells Point

Fells Point Features

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